Sunday, June 12, 2011

Funny Story from Nana Jan

Dear Sophia,

I know you love funny memories and are in bed but Nana just told me one that I never want to forget to tell you.....
When Nana Jan was little her mom, Nana Marcy would always go to the "dime store" and buy two pairs of underpants for Nana Jan to give her friends at birthday their PRESENT!!...Nana Marcy would say... "Everyone needs underpants".

Now that is funny.  Nana Jan would be so embarrassed to give underwear as birthday party gifts!!




1 comment:

  1. This represents pure love, a great legacy (I am a sucker for a great legacy!) and I love my granny panties, too. My mom always gave me new underwear or pj's for Christmas! xo,