Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Fun

Dear Sophia, 

What a great time we had up north with Grandma Lucy, Papa John and Uncle Tim.

It was HILARIOUS to hear your commentary on the fireworks..everyone laughed so hard!

I will never forget sitting on the hammock with your head in my lap just rocking back and forth listening to the birds and sounds of nature. That was my most precious and priceless moment with you.


 Happy 4th of July at Cross Lake

 The Sunsets are so very pretty...

How about a Pontoon ride??

 Someone is excited!!  You and your Dad have found a new hobby...FISHING!

Now, Dad just needs to learn how to take the fish OFF the line.....he is a little squeamish!! HA!

So pretty!!

Quiet time alone.....

 "Mommy, I am excited to see CASH"

 Johnny Cash Band...

 Hi there Grandma Lucy and Grandma Great!

 THUMBS UP to your FIRST time up on water ski's.  THANKS to PAPA for helping!!

BRRRRR???  Naaaa it is 85 degrees!!!

 Mom and Dad love you so much!

 Papa getting your bonfire ready!!

Nice job!!

Even Julie had a GREAT time up at the lake, she got a NEW swimsuit and was looking FANTASTIC!

Now we get to go to Nebraska on Thursday!! YIPEEEEEEE!!!


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