Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Sophia,

We went up north just you, me and your Dad this weekend on a spur of the moment idea.
It was the best idea EVER.
It was so good to just be with you and your Dad for a few days.

We enjoyed some games, time on the pontoon and of course CRAFTS and CONES.
Your ice cream was so yummy...you are lucky Dad didn't try to eat yours!!

Great Job driving and docking the pontoon!

Nothing tops of a Saturday like a bonfire...it took Daddy a few tries but he got it going...then when we were done with our marshmallows we pooped out and went to bed! Some bonfire champs we are....NOT!

Now THIS is the FACE that CRACKS me UP!

We laughed so hard over your "butterfly" chair.  You looked so funny carrying that up from the bonfire.

We had a blast on our boat on Sunday. It was fun going to the Wharf for breakfast and then swimming.

Great Memories.

I love you.


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