Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Million Dollar Purchase

Dear Sophia,

A memory I will never forget.

While in Nebraska we went to the dollar store with Jocelyn and Aunt Paula to pick up some things for the Luau Party. 

When we got there and you were looking around with Jocelyn and avoiding me, I knew something was up. Then you asked aunt Paula for something and I assumed you all were conspiring to buy some sweets or candy behind my back. :)

Little did I know you were buying this beautiful figurine for me.

You were so proud. You purchased this for me and gave it to me as a "surprise" when we got back to the car.

When I asked why you chose this lovely lady for me, you said something along the lines of "Mama, you always said that Nana Marcy had pretty things and you loved Nana Marcy so much and this reminded me of Nana Marcy and so I wanted you to have it."

Then you said, "I put all my love in it."

I know you did sweetie.

Random acts of pure kindness.

I love her and have named her Marcella....after my Nana Marcy...your Great Grandma Marcy.

Nana Marcy was an amazing woman. Soft, kind and humble. Patient, loving and strong in her faith in God.

You possess many of Nana Marcy's characteristics and for that I am glad. She is looking upon you and smiling.

Life is good. Thank you for being you.

Love, Mom

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